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A chart featuring Braille alphabet and numbers.

Braille is my way of communicating – Meet Mélodie

Laval's Mélodie de Ravel wins second prize in the CNIB Foundation's Braille Creative Writing Contest. In honour of World Braille Day (January 4), we spoke with Mélodie about her experience.

When Mélodie de Ravel heard that her poem won second prize in the CNIB Foundation's Braille Creative Writing Contest, she broke out in a smile from ear to ear.

“Braille has enabled me to write, read and identify my stuff, among other things," says Mélodie.

“Mélodie is a very creative and inquisitive girl, with a tremendous imagination,” explains her mother, Sonia. “For her, writing is a hobby. She loves to write or record stories. When she starts writing, she never knows where it will take her, and her little fingers start typing all by themselves!” 

The Braille CellMélodie, who is in grade 5, explained that she gets very anxious before exams - that feeling inspired her poem. She composed her poem on the computer with her refreshable braille display. 

“The CNIB Foundation’s Braille Creative Writing Contest is very encouraging for young people,” says Sonia “With braille, they are 100 per cent included. On the computer, Mélodie uses her braille display and chats with people from all around the world. Braille creates independence and opens doors.”

Mélodie says that she is grateful that Louis Braille invented braille because it has opened many doors for her. She went as far as to tell her mother that “even if I had both eyes, reading black letters would not interest me… braille is my way of communicating!”

This year, Mélodie submitted two entries for the contest; the poem that earned her second prize, and a story. 

The Fear of Exams
By Mélodie de Ravel

Fear of control 
Staying in control.
That’s the goal.
Be confident.
It’s so important.

But it’s not easy.
You feel queasy. 
Stressing now.
You forget how.

Breathe gently.
Walk slowly.
Be confident.
It’s so important.

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