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Victoria Nolan and her teammate rowing on Elk Lake, Victoria.

Detour to Tokyo - Part 2

Whether you're trying a new sport or you're returning to physical activity after being inactive for a while, it can be painful!

When I decided to start rowing again, I had already been training for a half-marathon – running three times a week for 70-90 minutes and weight training three times a week – but nothing prepares you for the rowing machine!

The rowing machine is a challenging piece of exercise equipment. Maybe it's because I immediately try to start hitting numbers I used to hit when I was in the peak of my training, or maybe it's because it is a full body workout, but, after a couple of minutes, you feel like you've been on it for an hour!

And then, there's getting back in the boat. Forget about the muscle pain in your legs and back, the blisters that develop from hundreds of strokes on the water each day are probably the most painful thing I've experienced!

So, why would anyone put themselves through this time and time again?! The same reason people put themselves through any type of exercise -- it feels bad in the beginning, but once you've trained for a bit, the thrill of what you've accomplished infinitely outweighs the pain.

Eight sessions. My trainer told me it would take eight sessions before I was back in shape. Truthfully, you start feeling good before the 8th session, but it's smart to say eight. By the time you have completed the eighth one, you feel so good, you won't want to ever feel like you did at the beginning! It makes you want to stick with it!

If you are thinking about trying something new, or you're in the middle of trying it now, give it eight sessions and see if you're hooked.

For me, it's been over eight weeks times with two workouts a day, and I'm just getting started! Stay tuned…

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