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Mike sitting with his arm around Eric; Eric laying on the floor.

Humans with CNIB Guide Dogs: Mike & Eric

“The day Eric walked through my door was beyond amazing! I’d been without a guide dog for just over 10 months, so having that dog energy back in my life was unbelievable. This two-year-old black Labrador has the most amazing personality. He can go from zero to 90 in a split second and then from 90 to zero just as quick. The dog energy Eric brings around the house makes all the difference. Just having his head on my foot while I work on the computer, and even just knowing he’s there, is so comforting. Eric’s bum never stops wiggling too! When he wags his tail, which is all the time, it starts with his tail and then soon his whole body is wiggling. I’ve had three other guide dogs in the past. Eric has filled a void that was left when my previous guide dog retired unexpectedly. Now with him by my side, I have regained my independence and can go out whenever I want just because I can. While being out with any of my guide dogs, I have never been refused access to business. I would hope that business owners would realize that a guide dog is a necessity for a blind person, just the same way a wheelchair is a necessity for a person that can’t walk. Providing unlimited access for guide dogs and their handler is not only the law, but the right thing to do. Eric is my new “Battle Buddy” and although it’s only been since May 2021, I can’t even imagine life without him. I have a prosthetic leg, so I walk a little slower than most and need to take care when walking to avoid tripping hazards. Eric figured this out pretty much on our first walk together. He is very aware of my gait and is very cautious when it comes to obstacles that might trip me up. Eric is a very special dog and I feel he was meant for me.” - Mike