Man bending over to sniff one of four full glasses of beer.

CNIB Lake Joe: Curiosity Corner - Beer Tasting

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CNIB Lake Joe

Raise a glass and celebrate the holidays with Lake Joe! Join brewer Will Garrett from Muskoka Brewery, as he discusses the history of beer and brewing, as well as the brewing process and ingredients. Along the way, Will will fondly share some stories and anecdotes about his life as a brewer.

Registration required. Please be advised that you must register for all programs. We kindly ask you to RSVP a minimum of 1 full business day before the start of the program.

Please RSVP through Zoom using this registration link:

For more information, please contact Lindsay Garrett, Program Manager, CNIB Lake Joe at or call 1-877-748-4028 x5501.

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