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Volunteer opportunities

CNIB National Youth Council Member

Location details: Virtual

Virtual with an annual in-person meeting, in accordance with public health guidelines. 

Ideal for: Individual, Youth

Are you a Canadian youth, passionate about changing what it means to be blind? Do you want to influence change and increase awareness of issues of importance to youth with sight loss? Then this opportunity is for you!  

Under the direction of the CNIB, the CNIB National Youth Council provides a voice for youth who are blind, partially sighted, or Deafblind. National Youth Council members provide bold advice to CNIB to ensure that current and new initiatives, programs, and policies are reflective of, and responsive to, the needs of children and youth with sight loss.  

The CNIB National Youth Council provides opportunities for members to grow as future leaders within the sight loss community through training, fellowship and practical work leading to meaningful influence within CNIB efforts.

Specific Responsibilities and Tasks 

  • Council members are expected to attend quarterly meetings, be familiar with materials provided, support the CNIB mission and contribute their expertise and experience to the work of Council.   
  • Council members shall serve on at least one project team. 
  • Council members shall undertake to complete assignments and requested activities in a timely manner.  
  • Council members shall always conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner. 

Other Responsibilities 

  • To work collaboratively, act as ambassadors and advocate for solutions to relevant issues. 
  • To increase awareness on issues specific to children and youth who are blind, partially sighted or Deafblind. 
  • To provide oversight and recommendations to the CNIB National Board of Directors on issues as tasked.  
  • To provide advice on improving CNIB services delivered to children and youth experiencing sight loss. 
  • To give youth a voice and provide a youth perspective that will address the gap to adult programs and services. 
  • To increase youth involvement in a positive and supporting environment that allows for networking and freedom to share experiences. 
  • To engage in activities that will support the work of CNIB and youth initiatives. 

CNIB Ambassador

Location details: Virtual

Anywhere: Initial training will be provided in Calgary & Edmonton with expansion to other areas of province. 

Ideal for: Individual, Youth

From classrooms to health fairs or corporate lunch and learns, CNIB Ambassador's volunteer their time and talent to help educate the public about blindness. Structured Ambassador presentations cover topics like blindness etiquette, accessibility and inclusion, white canes and guide dogs, braille, assistive technologies, CNIB programs, as well as dispelling common myths and misconceptions. 


  • Represent CNIB to the general public and specific audiences including (but not limited to) community groups, corporations, schools senior centres, community health fairs and vision health professionals.
  • Work with Program Lead to coordinate bookings and travel to events.
  • Share your personal experience with vision loss and CNIB's role.
  • Set up display and demonstrate technical aids as required.
  • Submit a brief report after each booking, including travel time, length of engagement, number of attendees and how it went.


Edmonton Men's Group Peer Facilitator

Location details: Office

In person meetings held at CNIB office, 11150 Jasper Ave Edmonton AB

Ideal for: Individual

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of individuals living with sight loss? To use your own lived experience to provide support and engagement? Are you looking to contribute your skills while gaining leadership experience? CNIB is looking for a Volunteer Facilitator to lead the Edmonton Men's Peer Support Group. This group connects men living with sight loss in order to discuss issues, personal struggles and possible solutions with others who understand what they’re going through. Often featuring guest speakers on topics such as technology, health, transit, and police/public safety, the members of the Men's Group aim to gain new knowledge with each meeting


Provide community-based support: organize and run regular peer support group meetings in order to help individuals who are blind or partially sighted to access ongoing support from their peers and learn about community resources.  This particular group is specific in supporting Men in their journey with vision loss, providing a safe space to share and talk about issues important to the group.

Responsibilities & Tasks: 

  • This group meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, both in-person and over the phone (physical meetings held in CNIB office in Edmonton) from 1-3 p.m., the Facilitator will need to be in-person for the majority of meetings.
  • Inform and remind participants of meeting dates, times, and location via phone and/or email (can also be done with help of an assistant).
  • Run meetings: Engage group discussions, welcome new members to the group, encourage participation, provide information about community resources and available CNIB/VLR programs and services as necessary.
  • Identify and book guest speakers for community resources (optional).
  • Regularly report back to supervisor, including attendance, and volunteer hours.  

Virtual Vision Mate

Ideal for: Individual, Youth

For Canadians who are blind or partially sighted, physical distancing can present a unique set of challenges that can contribute to feelings of isolation that many already experience on a daily basis. 

During this unprecedented time, one of the easiest things we can do is reach out to each other to engage in friendly conversation and offer support. 

To combat the negative ramifications that isolation can have on Canadians with sight loss, the CNIB Foundation has adapted one of its core program offerings, the Vision Mate program, to engage volunteers to connect virtually with participants by phone or online at least once a week. 

With physical distancing measures in place, it can be difficult for people with sight loss to pick up their groceries and prescriptions. If you're willing to help, we'd love to hear from you. Together, we'll ensure our community stays connected.

Vision Mate

Location details: Community Location

Community Locations across the province! CNIB has individuals waiting for a volunteer in all areas of our region.  We will work with you to find a match that is convenient for you.

Ideal for: Individual, Corporate, Student Placements

Vision Mates provide regular, one-to-one assistance and companionship for a person who is blind or partially sighted. Matches are made with someone who lives close to your home, school or work. You visit once a week for a couple of hours to assist with four main tasks: reading, errands (like groceries and shopping), going for walks, and socializing.