an over-the-shoulder shot of a client tapping an iPad.

2019 CNIB Tech Fairs

September 10, 2018
Technology is transforming the lives of people with sight loss and the CNIB Foundation is excited to bring the latest in cutting-edge technology to your community.
An exterior view of the CNIB London Hub. A panel of windows and accessible ramp. Above the windows sits the CNIB Foundation signage.

On Target – April 2019

October 15, 2018
Welcome to On Target, our quarterly e-newsletter committed to keeping you up to date about the progress we're making towards achieving the three strategic ambitions outlined in our strategic plan, “Bold dreams, bright futures”. 
Diane Bergeron, CNIB's Vice President of Engagement and International Affairs, meets with Independent Senator Marie-Françoise Mégie.

CNIB works with the Senate and disability community on the Accessible Canada Act

October 15, 2018
Bill C-81, the Accessible Canada Act, went to Second Reading in the Senate on February 19, 2019. Bill C-81 passed through the House of Commons with unanimous consent at third reading in Fall 2018 after amendments were proposed and accepted. The Bill presents a legislative framework, and subsequent regulations are expected to identify, remove and eliminate barriers within federally-regulated entities.
A head shot of Scott Seiler. He is smiling and wearing a grey turtleneck.

Receiving a smartphone through the CNIB Foundation's Phone it Forward program

October 15, 2018
Receiving a smartphone through the CNIB Foundation's Phone it Forward program! Meet Scott.
White wallpaper with large black text. "Deloitte" is centered.

Deloitte Canada joins the CNIB Foundation's Come to Work program

October 15, 2018
As a partner with the CNIB Foundation's Come to Work program, Deloitte Canada is in the process of securing a second internship position for a talent pool member. We spoke with Carole Mendonca, Manager, Inclusion, Deloitte Canada about inclusion in the workplace.
A group of young children raise their hands in the air to answer a question.

CNIB responds to "For the Parents" consultation

October 15, 2018
In September, the Ontario Ministry of Education announced it was intending to make changes to the provincial education system (Kindergarten-Grade 12) in several areas. As part of this process, the Ministry issued a consultation, "For the Parents", to get feedback from parents, students, educators and interested individuals or organizations. 
Picture of a woman with a cane walking past an Assistive Voting Device, next to a woman in a wheelchair using a second Assistive Voting Device.

CNIB advocates for accessible elections

October 15, 2018
On Monday, February 25, 2019, Canadians in three ridings cast their ballots during a federal by-election. CNIB advocates asked by-election candidates for accessible campaign literature, including large print, braille, and accessible electronic documents.
Michael Warren sits at a desk with a laptop in front of him. He is holding a landline telephone up to his ear and smiling.

Volunteering at the CNIB GTA Community Hub

October 15, 2018
An architect searching for structure in his life, Michael started volunteering with CNIB in August 2017.
Danika Blackstock crouches down on the ground and hugs Ulysses, a golden-lab retriever mix.

Your Impact: Changing the life of someone who is blind

October 15, 2018
When Danika Blackstock met her guide dog, Ulysses, she knew CNIB Guide Dogs made the perfect match.
Holly Bartlett wearing a graduation gown, smiling

What Happened to Holly Bartlett?

March 21, 2019
Holly Bartlett was leading a busy, complicated life back in March of 2010. The 31-year-old Halifax resident had recently started a job as a researcher for the province, while still working to complete a demanding grad program at Dalhousie University.