A city sidewalk with a row of electric scooters lined up on it.

CNIB Foundation Response: E-Scooter Consultation Ontario Ministry of Transportation – September 2019

September 09, 2019
CNIB Ontario welcomes the opportunity to respond to the government regarding an e- scooter pilot project in Ontario. There are more than 681,000 Ontarians who are blind or partially sighted, and many more vulnerable pedestrian users who are living other disabilities.
Guy Carriere & his guide dog (left) and Paul Rosen (right) pose for a photo together. Guy is holding an autographed picture of Paul and Paul is displaying a medal in his left hand.

Ambassador spotlight: Guy Carriere meets his hero

August 21, 2019
When Guy Carriere packed his bags for Guide Dog AdvoCamp at CNIB Lake Joe, he had no idea that his hero, Paul Rosen, would be there.

"I recently decided I wanted to try and play blind hockey," says Guy. "In that process, I was reading a lot about Paul Rosen and his life and what he's accomplished," says Guy.
Two pairs of hands holding iPhone's.

Cellphone Ban in Ontario Schools

September 05, 2019
In March 2019, the Ontario Ministry of Education announced it will be restricting the use of cellphones and other personal mobile devices in classrooms. Last week, the Ministry made a follow-up announcement that the cellphone ban in Ontario classrooms will be coming into effect on November 4, 2019.
"cfpdp; The Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons" logo.

Inviting applications from Canadians with disabilities who wish to serve on Corporate Boards

September 09, 2019
The Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons is inviting applications from Canadians with disabilities to be considered for appointment to Corporate Boards.
A dirty chalkboard with white text written in chalk on it. Text "Feedback."

Have your say on making information accessible in Ontario

August 21, 2019
The Information and Communications Standard is one of five standards that form the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Every five years, a Standards Development Committee examines the wording of the standard and provides recommendations to the government on changes that need to be made.

The Information and Communications Standards Development Committee, made up of people with disabilities, community organizations and industry experts have recently published their recommendations on the Government of Ontario's website.
Ryan Hooey poses for a photo at the London Hub with Kristeen Elliott, a Deafblind community member and DBCS Ambassador, and Christine, an Intervenor.

Deafblind Community Services etiquette session at the London Community Hub

August 21, 2019
CNIB Deafblind Community Services is one of Ontario’s leading providers of specialized support and emergency services for people who are Deafblind. Funded by the Government of Ontario, DBCS intervenor services and literacy programs enable people who are Deafblind to maximize their independence and engagement with the world around them.

To celebrate National Deafblind Awareness Month, the CNIB Foundation Ontario West hosted a Deafblind awareness session at the CNIB London Community Hub. Participants had an opportunity to learn more about Deafblindness with Kristeen Elliott, a Deafblind community member and DBCS Ambassador, and Christine, an Intervenor.
Larissa stands in front of a food truck with Piper - a Golden Retriever Guide Dog in a yellow harness

Tales of a Guide Dog Handler

August 21, 2019
Over the summer, Larissa Proctor, Program Lead, Advocacy and Accessible Community Engagement, hosted a series of guide dog handler presentations throughout communities in Ontario West. Attendees learned about what it’s like to live and work with a guide dog, as well as what the application, matching and training process with CNIB Guide Dogs is like. We checked in with Larissa to learn more about what inspired her to develop the "Tales of a Guide Dog Handler" presentations.
The front cover of the ABC's of iOS manual. An illustration of cartoon stick people standing on top of the text "ABC's of iOS." Byline "A VoiceOver manual for toddlers and beyond!"

CNIB Foundation releases The ABCs of iOS manual to level the playing field for children with sight loss

August 21, 2019
The ABCs of iOS Manual gives parents and educators the information they need to successfully, independently, and purposefully interact with an iPad using VoiceOver.

The manual incorporates accessible apps with progressive educational content to help prepare children to be successful in mainstream classrooms. It specifically addresses age-appropriate VoiceOver skills for children, ages 3-8, who are or may become braille readers, dual media, or auditory readers. 
Chalkboard art. A lightbulb sits on top of a chalkboard. Surrounding the lightbulb is a chalk illustration of a thought cloud bubble.

Educate to Advocate – Empowering Advocacy Across Ontario

August 21, 2019
To strengthen our voices and support the professional development of our Ontario advocates, ambassadors and CNIB staff, we’ve launched Educate to Advocate – an advocacy program designed to drive achievement and equality through education.  

Learn how to advocate from the experts! 
A cartoon illustration of a megaphone. It is outlined in thick, black brush strokes.

Know Your Rights

August 21, 2019
Through the Know Your Rights Project, the CNIB Foundation has developed plain language legal information and resources (fact sheets, videos, training, etc.) to empower Ontarians who are blind, partially sighted or Deafblind to better understand their rights, navigate the Ontario legal system, and self-advocate to challenge discrimination.

We spoke with Jason Mitschele, Member, Steering Committee and Member, CNIB Foundation Ontario & Quebec Board, and Avery Au, Project Lead, about their experiences.