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Every "Live" program provides the support and services to enhance your daily living skills, realize your goals, and seize your future with confidence.

The CNIB eye van. A large white truck with a white trailer attached - featuring the CNIB logo.

Eye Van

Operated by CNIB, the Medical Mobile Care Unit, known as the Eye Van, is a fully equipped, medical mobile eye-care clinic on wheels that travels to provide service in Northern Ontario.
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Your CNIB card gives you benefits like discounts and services from governments, businesses and community partners.
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Virtual Vision Mate Program

For Canadians who are blind or partially sighted, physical distancing can present a unique set of challenges that can contribute to feelings of isolation that many already experience on a daily basis. During this unprecedented time, one of the easiest things we can do is reach out to each other to engage in friendly conversation and offer support.
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Bold Dreams

“Bold dreams, bright futures” is about taking bold action to create the bright future we want, expect and deserve.

On this page, we'd like to share stories of individuals living their bold dreams as they create, achieve, and inspire us to reach our full potential!

Third level terms

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Peer Support Programs

Understanding, support, mentorship and advice when you need it most. Struggling with the emotional challenges of sight loss? We're here for you.
CNIB Guide Dogs Logo: A sketch of a dog in harness sitting beside the words "CNIB Guide Dogs"

CNIB Guide Dogs

At CNIB, we believe that everyone who would like to have a guide dog should have that opportunity. That's why we're proud to launch CNIB Guide Dogs, a new program to raise and train guide dogs exclusively for people with sight loss.