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The Quebec justice system has several shortcomings in terms of accessibility. In fact, legal documentation is not easily accessible for people living with a visual limitation. Did you know that?

Did you also know that visually impaired people are frequently confronted with discriminatory situations in which their rights are violated or they are not treated equally?

Thanks to the financial support of the Fonds d'études notariales of the Chambre des notaires du Québec, CNIB is able to offer training for justice professionals. During these training sessions, you will learn more about our foundation, about the barriers faced by blind people and you will be equipped to better help them when their rights are violated.

When you register, a training package will be mailed to you including these items:

  • The 8 training guides in the format of your choice (Braille, enlarged print or digital)
  • Awareness materials for distribution (French)
  • 1 Know your Rights key chain (French)
  • 1 Know your Rights folder
  • 1 "Make your business more accessible by installing a beacon" Flyer (French)
  • 1 About CNIB flyer (French)
  • 1 "Print Readability" Guide (French)
  • 1 "Step by Step: A Manual on Guiding People who are Blind or Partially Sighted" Guide (French)
  • 2 "Welcome Guide Dogs" sticker with the CNIB Guide Dog Program logo
  • 1 "WELCOME Guide Dog" sticker explanation sheet
  • 1 Caregiver bookmark (French)
  • 1 "At a Glance" insert with examples of what a person sees based on major eye diseases. 

When you register, please let us know the times (days and hours) that suit you best. We will then confirm the time of your training.

Please note that an anonymous survey will be sent to you by email before your training. This will allow us to measure the impact of our training. We would greatly appreciate your participation.