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Connecting the Dots – Tech Support & Concierge

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The 2021 Connecting the Dots conference is held October 22 & 23. Volunteers must commit to a minimum of one shift (3+ hours).



Volunteers will participate virtually via Zoom.

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Description du poste


To provide day-of-event tech/accessible tech support to participants during the Connecting the Dots conference (October 22 & 23).

Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Provide accessible tech, general tech, and concierge support to Connecting the Dots attendees navigating the platform and trying to access sessions and the vendor alley areas. 
  • Concierge service to those looking to find sessions/vendor alley exhibitors, needing general info, etc.
Avantage du poste?
  • Making a difference as part of a dedicated and passionate staff/volunteer team working to further CNIB’s mission.
  • Appreciation from clients/participants.
  • Developing and using existing experience and skills in communication, interpersonal skills, time management, and accessible tech.
  • Confirmation of hours upon request.
Qualités, compétences et formation
  • Experience working with accessible tech
  • Training specific to the event and platform
  • Connection to sight loss community.
  • Minimum 14 years old.
Position Commitment
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If you are interested in this position, you can apply to join our team today by using our online application form