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A woman smiling while walking with her golden retriever guide dog along a sidewalk in front of a CNIB Community Hub.

Dollars for Dogs: CNIB Guide Dogs calls for support through Urgent Expansion Campaign

Travel restrictions, including border closures, caused by COVID-19 are leaving many Canadians without the partners they need to safely navigate their world. Canadians who would otherwise travel to the U.S. to access a guide dog are now turning to CNIB Guide Dogs.

Since the spring, demand for our guide dogs has grown by more than 375 per cent. This situation is forcing CNIB Guide Dogs to quickly shift gears from a slow and steady growth pace to an emergency-level response.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many feeling isolated, especially people with sight loss. Without sight to guide their way, many navigate the world by touch. However, this is no longer safe.

Whether it's going to the grocery store to get essentials, travelling to work or – one day – visiting family and friends, having a guide dog allows people who are living with sight loss to safely and confidently navigate the world,

As part of the Urgent Expansion Campaign, CNIB is hoping to raise the $7.5 million to address this issue, which equates to 150 guide dogs.

"Not having a guide dog has decreased my confidence," says Jack McCormick, a CNIB participant. "I feel less safe when I travel. I'm constantly worrying about bumping into something or harming myself."

You can purchase start-up equipment, or cover the cost of food, veterinarian bills, training, or ongoing mentoring for guide dog partnerships.

Donate now and help ensure everyone who needs a guide dog can have one. Visit