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Photo of the 1986 staff team (35 men and women in blue golf shirts and white shorts) posing outside the staff building for CNIB Lake Joe’s 25th anniversary.

Join the New CNIB Lake Joe Staff & Volunteer Alumni

On CNIB Lake Joe's 60th anniversary, we're celebrating the dedicated staff and volunteers who have worked hard to make a positive difference in the lives of campers and guests over the past six decades! We want to showcase and celebrate your legacy as part of the new, “official” CNIB Lake Joe Alumni. The transformative experiences you provided continue to enrich lives, make memories, and build independence on the shores of Lake Joseph. 

As a member of the CNIB Lake Joe Alumni, you will:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion and commitment to CNIB Lake Joe and reunite with old friends
  • Enjoy camp alumni events close to your home, helping us to build and strengthen our CNIB Lake Joe community nationally and internationally
  • Help future generations. Here are two amazing initiatives we’re working on:
    • Send 'kids of all ages' to camp: Some people who would greatly benefit from camp cannot afford to come. Help send 'kids of all ages' to camp by contributing to our subsidy and bursary programs to remove registration and transportation barriers, enabling more campers to experience the 'magic of camp.'
    • Build “Billy’s Bunkie”: Our goal is to transform the last original 1961 building onsite into a team lodge, a dedicated space where staff and volunteers come together for team building, training, program planning, recharging and refreshing. We want to name this building in honour of Bill Vastis, a passionate advocate, loyal mentor and devoted CNIB Lake Joe team member who passed away in 2019. It was Bill's dream to help build an active Lake Joe alumni.

There’s no fee to join as a member, and it’s easy to register: simply provide your contact info on our secure CNIB Lake Joe Alumni database. You may opt-out at any time.

We look forward to inviting our CNIB Lake Joe Alumni to events throughout our 60th anniversary year and beyond! Together, we will celebrate past accomplishments and build future opportunities.

For more information, contact Sherri Helsdingen at or call 705-241-2907 or visit