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 Eitel Houedakor smiling and standing in front of a bulletin board. He is wearing sunglasses and a hoodie.

The Noble Art of Wordplay

By Eitel Houedakor 
CNIB National Youth Council Member

There is a famous proverb that says: “The eye is the mirror of the soul,” and I always wondered, as a blind individual, what this adage meant to me? You may have experienced situations where people were expressing many things through eye contact and wondered how this could be accessible to you as well? In this way, some would find answers in music or tactile arts like sculpturing. Yet, for me, the answer is what I call The Noble Art of Wordplay or poetic writing. 

This name may sound outlandish to some, but it describes how I feel when I write. I believe poetic expressions let us bring forth the richness of the soul of every single one of us. With these words, I think we are all equipped as knights going into the world with the confidence of fighting for what matters for us. Moreover, when we put the focus on the word “sword,” we can see that its nucleus is “word.” Therefore, wordplay is quintessential as, without it, fighting has no sense and is impossible.

Allow me to share with you an example of the strength of The Art of Wordplay. Here I will show you how, without eyes, I can open a window into my soul. 

Embers from my core.
Rising in the sky.
As my beacon to the shore.
To never let my drive be shy.

To adversity, I won’t bow down.
Inconveniences won’t make me frown. 
Of victory, I have the gown. 
Because, of my destiny I have the crown.

Anyone that reads these few lines can see my determination to achieve a certain goal. However, with these words, I am not only communicating to others my determination but also talking with myself. In fact, words have a key role in our spirits, and this kind of expression allows us to connect with our inner self and bring to the surface hidden powers that we all have. So, give it a try and join me in The Noble Art of Wordplay.