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What to expect

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What to expect

Experience a virtual conference like no other

We're committed to providing a virtual conference that is accessible and usable to everyone. Hosted on vFairs virtual event platform, Connecting the Dots is designed with and tested by the community we serve. 

Explore, learn and connect with people from around the world! By leveraging a virtual event platform, attendees will have an opportunity to connect more effectively and efficiently with people, near and far.

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As an attendee 

At Connecting the Dots, you’ll learn from the best! The conference attracts an incredible lineup of keynote speakers, panellists, educators, and vendors who impart their knowledge, ideas and products to ignite conversations and provide valuable insights on education, technology, and employment.

  • Education: Learn from experts in the field. Connect with academics, educators, braille transcribers and producers, and specialists to hear about the latest research, news, ideas, and issues affecting people with sight loss.
  • Technology: The latest technology, at your fingertips! Explore new technologies, products, services, and customized technology solutions that are helping to build and transform the world of tomorrow. Meet with product vendors and learn more about pioneering gadgets, apps, and devices that can support and empower you. 
  • Employment: Whether you’re actively searching for employment or just staying attuned to the landscape, Connecting the Dots is a great resource to help build your professional profile, develop strategies for advocating, and connect with professionals and resources to support your career ambitions.

Link: Explore the 2021 Conference Program

As a presenter

Share your unique perspectives and knowledge! Have an idea for a session, product demo or keynote presentation? Submit a proposal! Presenters will receive complimentary access to the conference for the day of their presentation. A discounted registration fee will also be provided for presenters wanting to attend the conference on a day they are not presenting.

Link: Connecting the Dots 2021 submission form

All proposals must be received by Friday, June 18, 2021. If your application is selected, you will receive an email in August.

For questions regarding the submission process, please email

As an employer/HR recruiter

Discover how you can build a more accessible and inclusive workplace at Connecting the Dots. Learn more about employing someone with sight loss and find the talent you need to help your business thrive!

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As a an exhibitor 

Connecting the Dots will be an unforgettable learning experience enriched with innovative ideas and educational panels. As an exhibitor, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your brand, promote your latest products, network with talent, and grow your business.

Learn more about exhibitor opportunities.


"The CNIB Connecting the dots conference was beneficial for me not only as an entrepreneur but also as somebody living with vision loss. I got to network and connect with fellow CNIB members, fellow entrepreneurs, as well as some really great companies." – Natalie Minnema, Co-Founder/Accessibility Consultant, Two Canes Consulting.

"I'm sort of new to the community. I reached out to CNIB maybe a month or two ago. At the time, I was very discouraged. After I got laid off my confidence was kind of low. I found that the conference picked me up because I heard a lot of success stories from people that persevered with their vision loss and were able to be successful. There was a lot of learning there too about disclosure and different challenges that people have and I found it really, really positive" – Alwyn Murray, Come to Work talent pool member. 

"Throughout the two-day conference, there were a series of incredible presentations on technology and education as well as celebrating achievements within the blind/partially sighted community. As prepared as I was to attend, I must admit that my preconceptions made me ignorant of the empowering focus of the conference. I took 'connecting the dots, ' so literally. I associated it with sight loss, blindness, braille and identifying as a person with a disability. Listening to presenters, participants and keynote speakers, I learned 'Connecting the Dots' means connecting people to an attainable vision of success. Connecting the many components of a person to create a well-rounded and equitable member of society. Owning your value, learning your abilities and breaking through barriers within yourself and out in the world. Using the tools that exist (or are being invented!) and linking a personal idea of success to the world around us to open doors. Knowing our rights and gaining the courage to compete in a fast-paced environment or walk to the beat our own drum and take a path less travelled. The conference was an empowering and valuable platform. Not only did it connect me with resources, but I learned that my goals are achievable." – Kathy Beitz, Come to Work talent pool member.

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Join us virtually for the 2021 Connecting the Dots conference: October 15 & 16 (French Event) and October 22 & 23 (English Event)!