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A woman and a yellow guide dog in a harness walking down a park path.

Dollars for Dogs: The Piper family and 3D Petroleums

Dave and Tami Piper and their family business, 3D Petroleums, wanted to work with a charity that would keep them involved and deliver a unique donor experience from start to finish.

"We wanted to see exactly where our dollars were going – CNIB Guide Dogs gave us the biggest bang for our buck,” says the family. “With CNIB Guide Dogs, we've been able to follow the progress from pup to guide dog."

Generous sponsors like the Pipers give life-changing gifts to Canadians with sight loss: freedom, independence and safety. In recognition of their sponsorship, the family had an opportunity to name a dog in the program. They chose Piper in honour of their family name. Piper graduated as a CNIB Guide Dog in November – today, he is partnered with Larissa Proctor in Brantford, ON.

"We are proud to know we were able to bring a guide dog and handler together," says the family.

After following Piper's journey, 3D Petroleums sponsored three more dogs – Lulu, Percy & Indy arrived in Regina in August 2019. At 8 weeks old, the puppies were placed with their volunteer puppy raisers, who house train them, help them socialize and learn basic skills, obedience and routines. For the next 8-12 months, they'll be exposed to crowds, other animals and public places to help prepare them for their futures. Lucy, Percy and Indy will start their formal guide dog training with the CNIB Guide Dogs team this fall.

"When you understand how important guide dogs are, it's really not difficult to do it again," says the family. "It's like starting your own family – this was the start of a new program in Saskatchewan, and we wanted to be part of it and see it do well."

They say it's rewarding to know exactly how their gifts support CNIB Guide Dogs.

"We've met the dogs we've sponsored as well as their volunteer puppy raisers," says the family. "We have wonderful pictures of the dogs – we really enjoy our updates and emails. Do what you can – there is no feeling quite like it."